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Our bridal department houses a carefully selected range of gowns to suit all styles of weddings, and we make sure we carry as many sizes as possible so that all our brides can feel the perfect fit. We understand that everyone is different, and size often does matter, which is why we often carry all sizes ranging from 6-30.

We pride ourselves on offering ‘WOW factor’ and amazing variation within our gown styles. Our brides love that fact that when they visit us, they are seeing something unique and special, which is why we are one of the leading Boutiques in South Derbyshire. We love choosing our gowns and always make sure we have something for every bide we meet. If you are a bride to be, and you want something different, then we are the perfect store for you.

Our gowns are available to reorder in any size as we have no limits to our collections. As our bride, you will have a choice of every gown we carry on our rails, not just a selected few. We offer collections that can provide deliveries within a few days, to a few months, so we can cater for any wedding date. What makes us unique is that our gowns are not classed as samples, they are real wedding gowns and can also be purchased immediately if you wish, so you can take your gown home the day you try it on. However, if it has been tried on by anyone else previously, you will receive a very generous discount on the price tag. If you wish to have a new gown that has not been tried on, we will give you delivery advice and have one specially made for you.

We only carry one of each style at all times, meaning that you are more likely to purchase a gown that is unique. Our gowns are not mass produced, so you can be confident that you wont be wearing the same gown as your friend! As a Boutique customer, we will always ask you if a previous bride has recommended you to us. This way, we can make sure you don’t try on the same style of gown, however with our stock changing all the time, this would be highly unlikely.

Please contact us on 01332 267000 or 01332 865586 to book in, or email us on our contact page for more information.

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