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Few relationships are as meaningful or unbreakable as that between a bride and her bridesmaids. It is a bond formed out of love and respect, a friendship destined to last forever. Together they are Sorella Vita – “ sisters for life”.

Your bridesmaids have accepted the wonderful honour of supporting you on your special day, so now they need to look just as amazing as you will. Designed to bring the hottest runway styles and the latest red carpet trends to the aisles of the most fashion-forward weddings, Sorella Vita and Dessy bridesmaids are the gowns your bridal party will love!

Featuring gorgeous modern colour palettes like burgundy and rosewood, eye-catching, matte-sequin styles, and timeless silhouettes, the dresses in our store will bring confidence and style to each bridesmaid and every wedding day. From traditional bridal parties to mix-and-match gown styles, Sorella Vita and Dessy are the ideal choices for any bride.

The best way to get a feel for the look you want, is to book all your maids in with us, and we will help you find your perfect gowns on your first visit. We recommend all maids are present at your styling session, so its easier for you to visualise your day. We understand that all maids are different and not everyone likes the same dress, so by being all together at the same time, you can see if they all like the same dress in the same colour, or different styles in different colours…..or even a mix of the two! The choices are endless, but we promise to make it easy for you….its what we do best!

We look forward to meeting the rest of your party soon, so call today on 01332 267000 or 01332 865586 and book your bridesmaid consultation now.

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